IDEEMATEC has proven the superior quality of its mounting and tracking systems in numerous large PV projects worldwide. The combination of a durable, robust mechanical system with revenue-maximizing design features and a comprehensive service package for EPC providers is winning over more and more investors. The recently launched projects reflect the growing trust in Ideematec’s technology and engineering quality by EPCs and IPPs worldwide.

JORDAN – The total installed capacity increased to 220 MW.  A decisive factor in this development is the strong local presence in the area of sales and engineering, which allows IDEEMATEC to react quickly in terms of technical assistance and support on site and facilitates close contacts with local customers and partners. Especially the distinct off-road capabilities of the safeTrack Horizon single axis tracker have contributed to its great success in the Kingdom of Jordan. With foundations suitable for all types of soil and its tested stability and durability, the safe Track Horizon can easily endure a lifetime in sandy and dry desert regions. While some projects in Jordan are still in the construction phase, others are currently being put into operation.

SENEGAL – IDEEMATEC entered the Senegal market with a 20 MW project, setting a footprint with one of the first projects  of this size in Senegal. Apart from supplying the solar tracking system to the site, IDEEMATEC also performed the preceding ramming works. Here again, the safeTrack Horizon’s proven suitability for extremely sandy soils and dry environmental conditions makes it the technology of choice in this challenging region.

NAMIBIA – IDEEMATEC continues its market leadership in Namibia with a total installed capacity of 35 MW. The tracking system’s ability to adapt easily to dry environmental conditions and  rocky soils explains IDEEMATEC’s high acceptability in this region. Long-lasting relationships to reliable partners in Namibia enable IDEEMATEC to respond quickly to required technical assistance, support and commissioning works on site.

CHILE – IDEEMATEC increased its total volume in Chile by successfully supplying another 11 MW in 2017. Due to the successful completion of seismic tests, a recertification of the tracker’s earthquake resistance was not necessary in this case.

BRAZIL – IDEEMATEC systems convince many project designers in Brazil. The local subsidiary near Sao Paolo provides local support for Brazilian solar projects. IDEEMATEC was the chosen supplier of solar tracking systems for several projects outside the regular tenders for some private PPAs. Ideematec is currently supplying 20 MW for 4 projects  which are scheduled to start construction mid September.

MOROCCO – IDEEMATEC IDEEMATEC is currently delivering 175 MW of the safeTrack Horizon to 3 projects in Morocco and the Western Sahara. These are the first projects showing IDEEMATEC’s unique module mounting solution for which modules are mounted directly onto the tracker structure without any additional rails, leading to cost savings in material and transportation. These projects will be supplied by IDEEMATEC and accompanied by IDEEMATEC construction supervisors, who accompany the projects during the whole construction phase, directly on site. Deliveries have started in August.