With safeTrack Horizon Germany-based racking specialist Ideematec is offering a ground-breaking horizontal tracking solution for large-scale PV power plants that matches cost and quality requirements of EPCs and IPPs alike. A number of sophisticated technical features enable safeTrack Horizon to boost solar yield while significantly reducing BOS costs…

With a carrying capacity of up to 320 standard-sized modules per drive unit, in 2 portrait or 4 landscape orientation, or up to 945 thin-film modules, safeTrack Horizon is the largest single-row tracker on the market. Safe and easy fixation systems for all types of modules are available, including for First-Solar modules. The versatile table and module configurations allow for a flexible implementation of both 1.000 V and 1.500 V systems. One of the outstanding features of the tracker is its enormous terrain adaptability. Varying terrain inclinations of up to 36% in each direction can be built on without any restrictions, making soil movements obsolete and generating tremendous cost-savings. Another cost benefit lies in the structure itself: Due to the smart and robust design only 180 pile foundations are needed per MW of installed capacity using 350W modules which is up to 50% less compared to competing products. safeTrack Horizon thus features the lowest foundation costs and ramming work on site. The mechanical highlight of the tracker lies in its patented steel rope transmission system which works torsion-and maintenance-free and doesn’t exert any forces on the modules, thus avoiding damage to the panels.  Together with the wear-free drive unit which powers a tracker row of up to 525ft and has been designed to work reliably even in harsh desert environments, a tracking precision of 0.1° over 400 ft is reached. By reducing the number of required components and by selecting only high-quality, low-maintenance equipment safeTrack Horizon reaches excellent O&M characteristics. Ideematec’s in-house tracker control software Korona features individual row backtracking, thus maximizing the overall system yield under any environment. The control software also integrates advanced remote control functionality. After being fully cabled and equipped safeTrack Horizon can be calibrated, commissioned, controlled and maintained remotely via data connection. This allows for fastest service and trouble-shooting without personnel needed on the ground in most cases.  With a track-record of more than 500 MWp in operation and operating lifetime, safeTrack Horizon is proving highest reliability and quality standards which are reflected in an international finance track record. Overall, Ideematec has more than 10 years of experience in design and construction of tracking systems. Besides being a supplier of tracking solutions, Ideematec also offers a wide portfolio of tailor-made services which facilitates the work of planners, EPCs and operators during all project phase. The services reach from site analysis and engineering services such as 3D-planning over tracker installation, supervision and commissioning until O&M support.

Information about the picture:

Tracking system:                            Ideematec safeTrack Horizon

Location:                                          Maan, Jordan

Size:                                                   66 MWp

Year:                                                  2016