IDEEMATEC is proud to announce the delivery start of its safeTrack horizon tracker for the Cabrera PVplant. Cabrera Solar will become one of the largest and most important solar energy projects in Spain and Europe, with a financing model without public subsidies.

In Alcala de Guadaira, Sevilla 4 solar PV plants will be built in one project, collectively known as ‘La Cabrera’

–          “Cerrado Cabrera”
–          “El Primo Alemán”
–          “Hazas de los Sesenta”
–          “Los Gonzalez”

The La Cabrera solar farm will produce enough electricity to meet the demands of 105,000 households in the Andalusian region. IDEEMATEC is proud to be part of this significant project. The solar power company Solarcentury will partly own, construct, operate and manage the four 50 MWp plants, which are expected to be connected to the grid in 2020.