IDEEMATEC strengthens financial position with ABN AMRO Energy Transition Funds as new investor

 July 3 2019 | Today IDEEMATEC GmbH and ABN AMRO Energy Transition Fund announced the signing of an investment agreement*. With this investment ABN AMRO ETF supports the rapid growth of the German specialist of Tracking Systems.   The company, its current shareholders and ABN AMRO ETF signed the deal today. IDEEMATEC produces technically strong solar […]

IDEEMATEC celebrates market entry in Canada

IDEEMATEC could win 2 new projects in Canada: – Vauxhall, 27 MW – Hull, 30 MW Due to the existing permafrost soil and high snow loads in Alberta, high demands were placed on the possible tracker supplier by the EPC.

Europe, Spain Alarcos – IDEEMATEC wins 50 MW project

Ideematec is supplying its safeTrack Horizon system for a 50 MW project in Spain. With reception of the NTP, the company was able to secure an early entry into its neighboring country’s PPA market. The 90 hectar solar field in the southwestern part of Spain is destined to produce 99 GW hours of clean energy […]

APAC – Australia 350 MW project win for IDEEMATEC

Ideematec currently equips the biggest solar power plant in Australia with 350 MW and supplies a total portfolio of more than 500 MW with its Horizon H4 tracking systems for three locations.

Europe – Ideematec market entry Portugal

In January, Ideematec commissioned its first reference project in Portugal ‘Tendeiros and Casanova’, with a capacity of 36 MW.

250 MW project for IDEEMATEC in Middle East – Jordan

Middle East– Jordan Ideematec is awarded the contract to supply tracking systems for another 250 MW power plant in Jordan.